Student Training Information

Flex Day 1
Care of your computers

-not in heavy back packs
` -not left unattended.  on you, in your locker, in your bag, in a classroom
-power cords
-don’t put a drink close enough to spill on the laptop
-don’t pick at the keys
        -Help Desk

-Office w/Cloud connect
-Chrome and Firefox
        -CFA/Gmail logins
-screen resolution
-Deployment solutions
-Personal software
-Illegal software and music
-Virus Protection


-Google Docs and CloudConnect for office Click this link for google docs test.
-SD cards----put your initials on the card with a Sharpie
-Hard drive
-Storage is your responsibility, we will not recover files lost on your HD
-Other backup solutions

-Youtube unblocked
backgrounds images
-home use
-IM video chat and cameras
       -kindness online
up to this class to set the rules for the future classes, what will we have to add to this site?

Flex day 2

Homework calendars

Copy and Paste in Google docs and sites

Dropbox info a free services that stores up to 2GB of files online and syncs to your computer.

Mobile access to email and calendars
    Sync CFAmail to iphone mail using imap (note: use your full email address as the username)
    CFAmail and Calendars sync for Android phones
    Gmail apps and Calendar sync for Blackberry

Evernote Info by Mrs Holliday